What is natural soap?

A natural soap is a connection between water and oil, a real molecular connection, which creates soap! The soap connects to the dirt and oil on our body and when we rinse it with water the soap connects to the water and with it all the dirt is washed away.

The soap I made for Lev Holam is made of oils and have 8% of oil trapped in the soap to enricher the skin.

The soap Consists 50% cold-pressed Israeli organic olive oil

And 30% shea butter, these two oils enrich the skin and provide moisture

I also added cocoa butter which helps with the stability of the soap and make it harder and lasting

Castor oil that contributes to a wonderful foam in the soap

Coconut oil that foams and cleans great - I put only a little so as not to dry the skin.

I poured the soap in a special technique called a feather it creates the shape of a special flower

The colors I used- 

Purple - Mika is purple, consisting of pearl powder and a natural metal color.

Pink - Red clay, cosmetic clay gently absorbs substances and helps in cleaning

Green clay - It also absorbs substances and helps to dry out skin lesions such as acne, I also mixed it with maccha tea to slightly strengthen the green color.

Hope you enjoy the soap,

You will find on my site soaps with herbs and quality oils that enrich the skin and are suitable for sensitive skin and skin problems

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Efrat Prins- Efrat natural soap